The BEST Sports Scoreboard App (Sports Live!) for webOS has gone HD and it's even better than ever! With an improved Scoreboard, an "In App" Twitter feed and Live Chat (powered by Villo) following your favorite teams AS THEY PLAY is now a webOS powered Experience! I am starting to think the "HD" in Sports Live! HD stands for HOT DAMN!


Sports Live! HD is a fantastic way to keep track of all of my favorite sports and teams. It is the best way to stay up to date with sports scores and the best sports app that I've used on the TouchPad. This app is a must get for sports fans!

Thomas O.

As a follow-up to their amazing Sports Live! for webOS Phones, the HD version is not just a bigger version of their phone app. Enhancements such a complete overhaul of the looks of the device and the addition of a "Social Panel" that includes game-specific tweets or real time push-chat with other Sports Live! users make the additional investment in this version worth while. Although there are free apps out there that provide a lot of the same functionality, only Sports Live! seems to include an updated score ticker the notification dashboard area and Exhibition mode to keep up with your scores! I highly recommend this app for any sports fan!


Having loved using Sports Live! on my webOS phones, I was extremely excited to see it hit the bigscreen. The added features such as popup play-by-play, Villo chat, twitter feeds based on set game, all equals lots of awesome! One of my most used apps!


Very configurable and easy to use. By far the best way to keep up with your favorite sports on the Touchpad!!


Sports Live! HD is the most comprehensive sports app for webOS. It allows you to easily dive deep into the game stats of your favorite teams, or simply check scores and post to your favorite social network. It has the flexibility to allow you to be a die hard fan or just an occasional game follower.


I've been a Sports Live! user on my Pre2 for quite some time now, so I was excited to see Sports Live! HD come to the TouchPad!!! Needless to say, the More Solutions gang has nailed it again on this app—my favorite sports score related app!!!

Norris Pyle (@nhpyle)

I was impressed from first app launch. The Pre version is great, but the TouchPad version is at a whole new level. I love seeing the Twitter stream with comments from other fans around the world. Sports Live! HD puts all the games you care about on one screen. The developer has long been one of webOS's most supportive.


I've used Sports Live! for webOS since it first launched over a year ago. Being a southern college student with a passion for football (War Eagle!), I discovered last year that Sports Live! for my Palm Pre was an indispensable tool for keeping up with games. And that was on a small screen. With Sports Live! HD, they've pulled out all the stops. Everything's been expanded and optimized for the TouchPad's large screen, and it also has an awesome Exhibition mode scoreboard that I've found very useful for parties and tailgates. Whether you're just keeping an eye on a few games, to tracking play-by-play for the big rivalry, this app makes the perfect companion for any sports enthusiast. With the purchase of a TouchPad and college football season less than 2 weeks away, this app is a must-have for any true fan! And when the season's over, Sports Live! HD has all your other favorite sports, so you'll never lose track of any game! Apps like Sports Live! HD make it a pleasure to show off my TouchPad to friends and family.

John L. Burger (@JohnLBurger)

Sports Live! HD is THE sports app to have if you are a sports fan, there is nothing even close to it on webOS or any other platform!!